Here are some bookmarkable Rabbits Against Magic links:

You can contact me by email at tropicola [at] hotmail [dot] com.

Lemonworld a website where you can glance at some of my other art, see what I really look like and download some terrible music I recorded years ago.

The Rabbits Against Magic blog is regularly updated with self-indulgent observations.

You can see my political cartoons on the AAEC website. There are also some "Smiles Per Gallon" cartoons here.

I Twitter.

Here are some other great artist, cartoons and comic strips you might not know about:

Macanudo (in Spanish) by Ricardo Siri (a.k.a. Liniers). When I first saw this strip I almost wanted to give up.

Javier Mariscal is a Spanish artist and designer most famous for designing the mascot for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics but his comic strips are great. He just did a Google theme.

José Palomo—a Chilean cartoonist who lives in Mexico City—has been drawing a strip called "El Cuarto Reich" (also in Spanish) since 1963.

One of the greatest cartoonists ever (and still going strong) is Argentinian Guillermo Mordillo. I was obsessed with him when I was a kid.

My favorite strip at the moment is by Adam Koford, the creator of the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats webcomic.   It's a glorious mix of vintage looking Herrimanesque art and lolspeak.

Dave Fremont is a mad genius. He did an animated web cartoon called "Glue" a few years ago which is one of the great lost classics although it looks like W!LDBRAIN just put some episodes up on You Tube. Too bad they snipped off the awesome theme tune.

One of my favorite Spanish political cartoonists is Jaume Capdevila better known as "Kap". If you speak Catalan you can read his blog here, otherwise you can just look at the pictures.

Canadian Dennis Messner used to do a fabulous comic strip called Ruff House and another one called Platypus which is probably the best comic strip that never was.

Ralph Hagen is also Canadian. His excellent strip is called The Barn. And while I'm plugging artists from the great nation of Canadia, pay a visit to the cyberhome of Jay Stephens. I especially like his Oddville & JetCat books.

The prolific Keith Knight just moved to LA to start a breeding program, but he still makes great comics.

Lloyd Dangle does a weekly cartoon called Troubletown which deserves your complete and undivided attention.

Dave King is going places. His Danny Dutch webcomic got nominated for an Ignatz award this year.   

Be sure to check out my favorite weekly editorial cartoon strips by Matt Bors and Jen Sorenson.

Finally a big shout out to the friendly folks over at Tall Tale Features, especially Mike Witmer who does Pinkerton, Brian Anderson (Dog Eat Doug), Brock Heasley (The SuperFogeys), Lucas Turnbloom (Imagine This), David Reddick (Legend of Bill), Mike Sieber (Charly & Company), Irma Eriksson (Imy) and Norm Feuti (Gil). All worth checking out, as is their excellent weekly podcast.

I have a full list of my favorite current strips and other stuff on the sidebar of my blog.


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