What the heck is Rabbits Against Magic all about?
Ever wondered what goes on inside a magician's top hat before the wand raps on the brim and the word "abracadabra" is uttered? Well here's a comic strip that delves headlong into that world of wacky weirdness and silly surrealism. A strange world where two mutant rabbits, one in superhero costume, one a cynical cyclops—no doubt warped by appearing in too many magic tricks—speculate about life, death, love, truth, beauty and the futile nature of representative democracy.  There are foxes of limited intelligence endlessly and hopelessly pursuing their carnivorous instincts.  And then there's a duck.

Sometimes political, sometimes melancholic but always proudly avoiding pointless parody and painful puns, the Rabbits Against Magic comic strip runs in full color on-line every day, come rain, shine or earthquakes.

Who's Who?

Yes, convention dictates that all comic strip characters have names and compelling back stories and this strip is no exception even though the characters rarely refer to each other by name. Here then, for your enjoyment is the contractual obligation.

The bitter sarcastic one. He nonetheless has a futile crush on Trixie.
The upbeat innocent one. He is never short of enthusiasm or offbeat ideas.
Smarter than he looks. He has befriended the rabbits since he
knows he won’t be eating them anytime soon.
The dumb one. He is Pif's proudly British father. A true carnivore always failing to get a rabbit on his plate.
The hipster strong-willed one. She likes reading existential
philosophy and playing her diatonic button accordion.
The duck.

For aspiring cartoonists and the technically curious click here to see the full process of drawing a Rabbits Against Magic strip. Be patient, it's kinda big.

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